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Market Analysis

Cambridge Insight provides research and advice in two major areas of market analysis.

Business environment

The set of institutions and policies, and the infrastructure and way companies operate and compete constitute the business environment of a given country, region, or city. The business environment is a key element for the profitability of a company, the attraction of foreign direct investment, and overall economic development. Cambridge Insight provides research and analysis of the macro business environment and the microeconomic foundations of economic development for a particular market, especially emerging markets.

Consumer market mapping

One of the elements that comprise the microeconomic foundations for a favorable business environment that enhances the competitiveness of companies, regions, and countries is consumer sophistication. Cambridge Insight has developed a set of tools that enable consumer market mapping in order to help companies, investors, and international institutions to develop their strategic planning and operations in a given market.

An example of such tools is the China Consumer Market Report, produced by Cambridge Insight, that constitutes an analytical tool to systematically examine the multiple dimensions of the Chinese consumer market and permit the generation of actionable knowledge to enhance effectiveness in the Chinese consumer market.