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Cambridge Insight provides research and advice in three major energy areas.

Energy security

In the past, the concept of energy security developed as a result of the need to secure the physical infrastructure and sources of energy. This concept has evolved, as the markets have become more complex, into one that involves technological, economic, and geopolitical issues. Governments, companies, and other institutions have different concerns related to energy security. For example, producer countries may be concerned about geopolitical complexity; companies, about their position in the international energy value chain; and consumer countries, about the impact of price volatility in the energy market. Cambridge Insight provides research and advice to assist countries and institutions in assessing the risks and opportunities associated with their particular needs in the area of energy security.


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Renewable energy

The tension that exists between the use of energy, the preservation of the environment, and economic growth is largely a result of the use of fossil fuel as a source of energy. If current trends continue, they will lead to greater environmental deterioration and place at risk the viability of modern society. The use of clean and renewable energy, such as wind power, solar energy, geothermal energy, biocombustibles, among others, can mitigate this tension. Cambridge Insight provides research and analysis regarding this market and can assist in shaping the discussion regarding renewable energy.

Energy clusters

Energy clusters have proven to be the primary source of energy innovation and value creation in the industry. Examples of world-class energy clusters are the Houston energy cluster and the Norwegian energy cluster. Cambridge Insight assists clients in assessing the capabilities of energy clusters in terms of the supply chain, workforce, organization, and management, as well as shaping the vision for energy clusters and the design and implementation of a cluster development strategy