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Cambridge Insight provides research and advice in four major
competitiveness areas.

Country competitiveness assessment and strategy

Country competitiveness is reflected in the sustainable increase of income per-capita, based on the permanent rise of a nation's productivity. Competitiveness is influenced by the macro conditions of the country, such as macroeconomic policy, and the set of institutions and social infrastructure that exist. However, the elements that constitute the foundations of competitiveness are the quality of the country's business environment, the state of cluster development, and the sophistication of the companies' operations and strategies. Cambridge Insight performs research and analysis of country-level competitiveness and helps formulate strategy.

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Regional competitiveness assessment and strategy

Differences in terms of economic performance among regions of a country, within the same macroeconomic environment, are explained by the micro foundations of competitiveness of the regions. Such micro foundations include the quality of the companies, the skills of the laborforce, the availability of technology, and the existence of clusters. Cambridge Insight performs research and analysis about regional competitiveness. Our services assist with assessing the economic performance of regions, the business environment, the strengths and weaknesses among the drivers of competitiveness, and the capabilities of clusters or potential clusters to be developed.

Cluster development

With the growing process of globalization it has become more evident that location matters for competitiveness. Clusters are the best example of this, and represent the basic unit of analysis for competitiveness. Clusters are a geographically-bounded concentration of interconnected enterprises, service providers, specialized suppliers, and associated institutions that are in a particular field. Examples of world-class clusters are the financial cluster of London, the energy cluster of Houston, and the entertainment cluster in Los Angeles. Cambridge Insight provides research and advice in the areas of cluster assessment, strategy, and management.

Company competitiveness

The level of profitability of a company in relation to the average profitability of the industry determines the competitiveness of the company. In order enhance their competitiveness, companies formulate strategies that allow the company to gain a competitive advantage through distinctive and unique positioning in the marketplace. Cambridge Insight provides in-depth understanding and analysis of strategies and competitive performance, business planning, and benchmarking.